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Art on the Farm Show

Art on the Farm Show

I participated in the Art on the Farm show last Sunday August 14, the setting was beautiful as it took place under the trees of the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. I was a bit nervous about the weather but it turned out to be perfect. We were about 50 artists which included visual art, photography, jewelry and more. The turn out was very good, I met lots of interesting people and my sales were quite good.

I always enjoy doing these shows as I get lots of feedback. The main comment was that I make a unique type of jewelry, people enjoy the combination of the wood and silver as well as the combination of the wood and semi-precious stones. My style is very organic, I like to keep it natural, for this reason I keep the wood's natural color and only apply a clear finish. I also received good feedback on my new line of jewelry called Ocean, people liked the combination of the light blue resin with the wood.

I enjoy doing these shows because people gives me ideas for design, they sometime share things that they are looking for and this creates opportunity to do custom orders. Doing custom orders allows me to create pieces that I would never had done otherwise, I once made a chemistry molecule formula and a show dog for their owner just to name a few. I am already preparing for my next show as I will be part of the Baz'Art Annual Holiday Arts Market on November 26 and 27 at the Shenkman Arts Center in Orleans. Very excited to start working on my new designs!

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